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Tunisian National TV 1 channel Tunisian National Assembly. Was officially launched on 31 May 1966 but it was transmitted experimental programs in a non-regular basis since October 1965 and regularly since January 1966 and was carrying the name of the Tunisian Radio and Television (T.R.T).

It became the channel 7 in 1992 and Tunisia 7 in 1997, but remained affiliated to the Tunisian Radio and Television to the year 2008, which occurred during the separation of radio and television to keep the radio (Radio Corporation of Tunisia) Headquarters, which was common between them and turn Foundation Tunisian Television canals National Television Tunisia Tunisia 21 (which later known as the Tunisian national TV 2) to its new headquarters. After the outbreak of the revolution and the departure of the popular Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the country turned into a "Tunisian national television."

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