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  Television has long been considered the most important means of disseminating knowledge and different cultures and communication between peoples and find the link between different civilizations, including ancient and modern, and was at one time the only means of its kind for the news and events move to the general public and they are in their homes. It was preceeded by the radio and newspapers read by them and in a broader sense the books, still for each of the radio and the book their separate prominent role, which is indispensable for any one. However, there is no doubt that after the advent of television has dominated them completely in some important respects, can not book for example, the transfer of what happened on the air, also can not radio, the transfer of that event photoed or filmed. From here emerged the great importance of the TV.

  And appeared in the last century may exceed the capacity of television to the transfer of science and knowledge and dissemination of the convergence of cultures and civilizations, that of computer and internet. It was narrated that way you can document many of the events and disseminate to all over the world, without adherence to a certain extent or range, as is the case with the radio and TV. The Internet has brought the advantages of many of the information and event transfer means, and has dominated all, of course without forgetting that each of them has its special taste to the person that used to it and can not do without it fully. However, the evolution and technological progress and scientific development has provided more options to human for the exchange and dissemination of information.

  On 3rbSat we thought of integrating the computer and the Internet with TV. It is through us a computer user who is trying to get the information through the Internet, can also get a live broadcast of the TV channels, therefore it will not adhere to the scope of a particular geographic, can someone in the Middle East for example, to watch a Chinese or Japanese TV channel, non-command is available through a normal TV, and if necessary should the use of complex wiring and equipment installation, such as Dish and satellite receiver. Here on3rbSat, you do not need to see these techniques to watch remote channels for you, you need only to connect to the internet, and through us you can also follow the event live on your computer without having to pay monthly fees or bills of any kind, also do not need to install additional hardware for your Laptop or Desktop to be able to watch. All this is available on 3rbSat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without interruption.

  You can also download and install the program SatelliteDirect to be able for less than the price of one month's subscription cable or satellite service, to enjoy a lifetime of television- over 3,500 channels!- from the convenience of your laptop or desktop. And forget the hassles of waiting for installation, or hours on hold with the cable company.With crystal clear picture and sound quality, exceptional customer service, and a life time of television for less than you'd pay for just one month of cable service, SatelliteDirect is the best way to get the most for your TV dollar.   For more information about SatelliteDirect Software Click Here
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